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Sometimes, pet owners need assistance in caring for their pets due to various reasons. One reason for aggravating animal health conditions is because there are no facilities to accept and treat them for their maladies. The worst thing that could happen is that the pets would be neglected because availing of medical care for pets can be expensive. Affordable Vet Care CA can provide different kinds of services catered to pets for them to be thoroughly cared for, for a very affordable price. All for the love of animals! An animal’s life should not be compromised because of money. We aim to spread the idea that treatment for animals does not need to be expensive.


Affordable Vet Care CA uses modern equipment to make sure that the medical checks and procedures that we do are up to date and consistently accurate. These pieces of equipment help us diagnose illnesses in pets easily. Once we do, we can quickly act on what needs to be done or give prescriptions for your pet. Our team of expert veterinarians also makes sure that your pet’s physical health and well-being are in check. We encourage pet owners to consistently come back for medical and dental check-ups, scheduled vaccinations, and deworming. To avoid forgetting these essential activities, we alert the pet owners by sending them an email or calling them to remind them of their necessary appointments. If a long-time pet patient needs to move to another state, we also contact their veterinarian for recommendations and provide your pet’s medical history. In case of severe medical conditions and no more ways to help a specific pet’s maladies, our facility also offers pain management for the pet. We also give the pet owners a choice on how they will deal with their pet after all treatment options are exhausted. If the pet owner opts for their pet to pass, we help them get through with it together.

Our services also include grooming and wellness checks. We also have a place for your pet to stay in if they need to or when you are away and have no one to look after them. In our facility, all animals are welcome and will be given proper medical attention and care. We treat your pets with the utmost care. We also follow protocols and ensure that our facility and services are at par with the global vet care standards. Our veterinarians are licensed professionals and have experienced working on various cases regarding animal health. Rest assured that your pet will be in tiptop shape after meeting our fantastic team of veterinarians.

There are many ways we care for our pets. For us at Affordable Vet Care CA, it is by prioritizing the health of your pet. We encourage pet owners to stay involved while their pets are undergoing procedures or processes. This way, we can keep every pet owner aware and updated about what is going on in their pets’ treatment; their progress, and the next steps to do. All these are done without the motivation of money. Just our genuine love and care for all animals.


We understand how you would want to have the best services done to your pets. We are opening doors for everyone who cares for animals. Affordable Vet Care CA ensures everyone that care, expensive or not, should be given to animals and our services are just one way to provide these to your beloved pets. If you have any inquiries on the services we offer, do not hesitate to make a call or visit our facility. We will be more than glad to help you.