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Regular pet grooming can benefit your pet more than just keeping up with appearances. Pet grooming contributes to your pet’s health. Regular grooming can prevent other complications such as medical treatments from arising in the future. We provide the best pet grooming in Fresno. Besides making your pet look and feel more comfortable, we also make sure that they are healthy.

Here are the benefits that you can reap if you have your pet properly groomed:

Healthy coat

Part of the process of grooming is brushing your pet’s fur. Dirt, dust, dead hair, and other things that cling to your pet’s fur will be removed. The natural oil is stimulated and distributed throughout their body through brushing, giving your pet’s coat a healthy sheen. Brushing also prevents mats from forming since mats form when the fur becomes tangled up, accumulating hair over time. This is quite painful for dogs and may cause other problems such as skin irritation or infections. If your pet’s coat becomes too heavy, it might need a little trim for your pet to feel more comfortable. With the proper brush and a little trim, your pet groomer can make your pet’s coat shinier and healthier than before.

Cleaner Home

Brushing your pet’s fur is also advantageous for your home. It reduces the amount of hair that can spread all around your home. More hair in the comb may mean less hair on the couch.

Detects abnormalities

Part of grooming your pet is a careful inspection. Skin infections and irritations can be hidden underneath your pet’s thick coat. Brushing and proper bathing can allow you or the groomer to check every part of your pet’s body. Sometimes the hair in your dog’s or cat’s ears will need to be plucked or trimmed to reduce the chances of ear infections. Your pet’s ears, teeth, and nails should all be examined for any abnormalities. Once an anomaly is observed, proper treatment must be done to prevent it from growing into something severe.

Protects your pet’s feet and joints

Mats often accumulate in places where friction is usually present. Mats can form under the front legs and the legs themselves. It was already mentioned that these mats are particularly painful for your pet, so they might find some movements to be painful. For dogs, overgrown nails can be a source of pain and discomfort. They may change their gait, which leads to posture problems and bone deformation. To prevent this, you will have to trim your dog’s nails. Trimming your pet’s nails yourself is easier said than done since dogs can be really mischievous at times. There is also the danger of cutting your dog’s blood supply, also known as the quick. If you are not confident in your nail trimming skills, you can leave it to our grooming team since we also offer dog grooming in Fresno.

Healthy gums and teeth

Cleaning your pet’s teeth will greatly benefit them in the long run. Most pets develop the periodontal disease at about three years of age. Periodontal disease is a result of the accumulation of tartar which will form if your pet’s teeth are not brushed regularly. If your groomer sees signs of the disease, you may have to consult with our Dog Dentist Fresno for treatments.

Prevent and remove parasites

Parasites like fleas and ticks can hide under mats or thick hair. If your dog itches due to fleas, they can scratch, forming more mats. The same can be said for cats since it can be really irritating to have fleas or ticks. Bathing and brushing can reveal and remove these parasites that are irritating your pet. However, excessive bathing can lead to dry skin for your pets. You can ask your vet how often you should bathe your dog to avoid dry skin.

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Although you can groom your pet yourself, having your pet groomed by a professional can give your pet a healthier and more comfortable feel. Pet grooming professionals have all the tools and equipment they need for proper grooming. Contact us for your pet grooming in Fresno.